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Location Project Scope of works
Wollongong, N.S.W. Nan Tien Institute Off form, timber finish, Brightonlite precast concrete panels



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        Most recently completed projects appear at the top of this table

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(Vic) Chadstone Shopping Centre (Stage 30) $3,650,000 Acid washed and off form white panels
H. Troon Pty Ltd (Vic) St John of God Hospital, Ballarat $1,478,000 127 Polished and Grey Panels
Salta Constructions (Vic) 150 Clarendon Street $2,150,000 279 Polished and Acid washed panels
John Holland (NSW) Sydney Opera House (Stage 1) $1,796,000 Polished panels and pavers
Bovis Lend Lease (SA) The Conservatory on Hindmarsh $1,250,000 Polished and off form grey panels and columns
Baulderstone Hornibrook (SA) Aurora on Pirie $1,180,000 Sandblasted spandrels and off form grey panels
John Hindmarsh (SA) Engineering Building - University of Adelaide $467,800 Grey Off form panels
Reed Constructions (NSW) Queen's Square Law Courts $633,000 115No. Sandblasted panels & 11No. Acid Washed
CFSPM  & Probuild Const (Vic) Chadstone Shopping Centre (Stage 33) $1,795,000 Polished, Acid Washed & Grey Panels
Kyren Pty Ltd (SA) 400 King William Street, Adelaide $1,110,00 Polished Columns & Spandrels
Bovis Lend Lease (Vic) Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital $5,345,300 Polished & Sandblasted panels
  (Vic) Chadstone Shopping Centre (Stage 30) $3,650,000 Acid washed and off form white panels
McConnell Dowell  Joint Venture (SA) Common User Facility Shiplift - Port Adelaide $1,770,00 Grey structural units
Badge Constructions Pty Ltd (SA) Thebarton Biosciences Centre $513,000 50 Polished Panels
2Construct (Vic) St Kilda Foreshort $358,000 Off White Units
Probuild Constructions (Vic) Chadstone S/C - David Jones Carpark $398,500 Acid Washed Panels
Brookfield Multiplex (SA) Newport Quays, Stage 2A, Edgewater $3,090,000 1056 Polished, sandblasted and off form grey panels
Brookfield Multiplex (Vic) Melbourne Convention Centre $1,161,000 152 Off form coloured panels
Westkon Pty Ltd (Vic) Melton Harness Racing Development $606,000 62 Polished and acid washed panels
John Hindmarsh (SA) Flinders University Health Sciences & Educ.Buildings $903,000 230 off form coloured panels
Construction Engineering (Vic) Victoria Racing Club, Birdcage $929,000 Polished & Grey Panels
Cox Constructions (SA) Stirling Council Library $262,000 42No. Acid washed panels
Mutliplex (NSW) (NSW) Parramatta Trial Building $1,876,000

219 Polished Panels; 42 Off form grey Panels

Candetti Constructions (SA) Mitcham Shopping Centre $1,200,000 117 Sandblasted panels, 160 off form grey panels & 8 polished panels
Multiplex Constructions (SA) Newport Keys, Stage 1, ADELAIDE $1,900,000

678 Off form coloured and off form grey panels

Probuild Constructions (Vic) St Lukes, Clarendon St, Shopping Centre $747,000

271 Polished, sand blasted and off form grey panels

Urban Contractors (ACT) Childers Street Gardens $427,500

76 Polished garden units

Built Environs


University of South Australia Stage 3A $923,000

68 Plain & complex shaped off form white panels

Kinway Constructions


R.A.C.V. Inverlock Resort $612,000 98 Sandblasted panels & 33 off form grey panels
Baulderstone Hornibrook


Platinum Apartments, Glenelg $3,173,000 Prestressed beams & sandblasted columns and panels

Austruc Constructions


Rookwood Cremetorium, SYDNEY $269,000

Polished Spandrels and columns

Probuild Constructions (Vic) Broadmeadows Shopping Centre $440,00

88 acid washed & off form panels,42 columns, 21 prestressed beams

Probuild Constructions


Port Phillip Plaza, MELBOURNE $625,000

29 Ribbed panels, 131 plain panels + Installation

Zauner Constructions (NSW) Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga


29 Special off form panels
Gandel/Probuild (Vic) Bayside Shopping Centre, Frankston $2,430,000 359 Off form panels
Bovis Lend Lease (SA) Domain on Grenfell $338,000 71 Polished & sandblasted panels
Baulderstone Hornibrook (Vic) Alfred Centre, Stage 1 $1,287,000 177 Polished, Off form & Sandblasted panels
Hansen Yunken (Vic) Monash University: Pharmacy Bldg


154 Sandblasted, 37 Brick faced & 110 off form grey panels
Environmental Resource Group (Vic) Flemington Race Course $1,041,000 108 Polished Panels
Baulderstone Hornibrook (Vic) Lara Correctional Programme Centre $205,000 115 Off form grey panels
Hansen Yunken (Vic) CH2 Council House $447,000 110 Off form grey panels
St. Hilliers Contracting (ACT) Australian War Memorial, East Building $645, 000 56 Diamond cut & 22 off form panels
Abigroup (Vic) Yarra Precinct pedestrian link $246,000 23 sandblasted & 40 off form panels
NRG Flinders (SA) Port Augusta Power Station $107,000 24 special culverts
Leighton Contractors (SA) Amcor Bottle Plant Stage 2 $550,000 95 off form grey panels
Built Environs (SA) Adelaide Malt facility $742,000 120 off form grey panels
DCG Design (ACT) (ACT) Reconciliation Place Artwork 7 $51,500 Special polished & sandblasted panel
Aspect/DCG Design (ACT) National Emergency Services Memorial $95,500 Polished & Sculptured Brightonlite wall
Multiplex (Vic) Victoria Point $3,540,000 1,500 off form grey panels
Hacer Group (Vic) Frankston Entertainment Centre $880,000 187 Grey & 8 special Panels
Gandel/Built Environs (SA) Elizabeth Shopping Centre Stage 2 $386,000 113 Off form grey panels
Multiplex Constructions (Vic) Freshwater Place (Res), Melbourne $1,000,000 143 Polished & acid washed panels
Grocon (Vic) Melbourne Cricket Ground $1,180,000 141 polished panels
Gandel/Built Environs (SA) Elizabeth Shopping Centre   (Stage 1) $1,270,000 314 off form grey panels
S.J. Wier (Vic) Mildura Law Courts $207,000 16 polished panels
Catcon (SA) North Terrace Redevelopment, Adelaide $240,000 Sandblasted seats and bollards
Hansen Yunken (SA) Norwood Shopping  Plaza $1,530,000 70 brickfaced, 178 off form grey panels
Bovis Lend Lease (SA) Mawson Lakes Shopping Centre $536,000 Sandblasted panels
Multiplex (SA) Horizon Apartments, Adelaide $930,000 Polished & sandblasted panels
Baulderston Hornibrook (Vic) Bio 21, Melbourne University $1,740,000 432 Acid washed & off form panels
Baulderstone Hornibrook (Vic) Austin Hospital, Melbourne $1,449,000 276 acid washed panels & Capping
Hooker Cockram (Vic) Royal Australasian College of Surgeons $445,000 51 Sandblasted & Acid washed panels
Baulderstone Hornibrook (SA) Liberty Towers, Adelaide $2,290,000 798 Prestressed & precast beams
Badge Constructions (SA) Gawler T.A.F.E $258,000 57 Sandblasted panels
Probuild Constructions (Vic) Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre $4,325,000 Special off form grey panels
Probuild Constructions (Vic) Victoria Gardens S/C office tower $440,000 Polished & sandblasted panels
Bovis Lend Lease (Vic) St Vincent's Hospital Redevelopment $507,000 Special grey & coloured panels
Probuild Constructions (Vic) Broadmeadows Shopping Centre $684,000 Grey off form & acid washed
Built Environs (SA) Adelaide Oval Grandstands $2,433,000 Sandblasted structural beams etc
Candetti Constructions (SA) Adelaide Festival Centre, Stage 2 $129,500 Sandblasted panels & capping
Resource Development (SA) Bresagen Office & Production Facility $260,000 48 Off form grey panels
Resource Development (SA) JP Morgan Office $804,000 216 Off form grey panels
Mirvac (Vic) Yarra Edge Tower 4, Docklands $550,000 92 Polished panels
Gandel Group (Vic) Northland Shopping Centre $934,000 133 acid washed/special finish
Walter Constructions (Vic) Aldi Warehouse, Melbourne $1,714,000 383 sandblasted panels
Probuild Constructions (Vic) Chadstone Shopping Centre fence $434,000 Textured
JR Engineering (SA) Olympic Dam Expansion $193,000 Structural beams epoxy coated
Manteena Pty Ltd (ACT) Commonwealth Place $330,000 Off form Brightonlite panels
Leighton Contractors (SA) Amcor Bottle Plant $398,000 Off form grey structural panels
Bovis Lend Lease (Vic) Hawthorn Tram Depot $78,000 Off form grey panels
Bovis Lend Lease (SA) St. Peter's College Sports Complex $500,000 67 Off form grey panels
Marshall & Brougham (SA) Football Park Extensions $1,107,000 Structural and Off form
Multiplex (SA) Embassy Apartments $848,000 Acid washed & Polished
Multiplex (Vic) Victoria County Court $1,545,00 Acid washed & Polished
Baulderstone Hornibrook (SA) Riverbank Promenade $1,657,000 Structural
Grocon (Vic) Satellite Corporate Centre $1,479,000 Acid washed & Off Form
Marshall & Brougham (SA) St Ignatius College $586,000 Off Form & Structural
Bauldstone Hornibrook (Vic) R.M.I.T. at Bundoora $352,500 Acid washed
Grocon (Vic) Melbourne University, Building C $1,383,300 Sand Blasted
Grocon (Vic) Melbourne University, Building A $100,000 Sand Blasted
John Hindmarsh (ACT) A.N.Z.A.C. Hall $582,200 Honed
Baulderstone Hornibrook (SA) Adelaide Convention Centre $918,800 Off form, sandblasted, structural
Baulderstone Hornbrook (VIC) Yarra Crest $450,000 Polished
Baulderstone Hornibrook (SA) Hindmarsh Soccer Stadium, Stage 2 $2,410,000 Off Form & Structural
Gandel Pty Ltd (Vic) Chadstone Shopping Centre, Stage 21 $6,774,000 Off Form & Acid Washed
City of Melbourne (Vic) City Square Water Feature $349,000 Off Form Brightonlite
Abigroup (Vic) Ballarat Police Complex $326,000 Acid washed & Polished
Baulderstone Hornibrook (Vic) Museum of Victoria $3,400,000 Off Form & Honed
Mirvac (Vic) The Melburnian $1,835,900 Sand Blasted
Multiplex (NSW) Imperial Plaza $803,500 Acid washed
Multiplex (NSW) Merchant Court Hotel & Tower $3,506,000 Acid washed
Hansen Yucken (NSW) Waverley Library $334,300 Sand blasted
Civil & Civic (SA) National Foods facility $238,800 Off form grey
Manteena Pty Ltd (ACT) ANZAC Pde, Korean War Memorial $95,000 Polished
Western Mining Corporation (SA) Olympic Dam Expansion Project $1,415,000 Off form grey
Darling Harbour Authority (NSW) Sydney Convention Centre $247,830 Off form Brightonlite
Gandel Group/Probuild Const. (VIC) Chadstone Stage 11 & 12 $267,647 Acid washed
Westfield Design & Construct (SA) Marion Shopping Centre $137,530 Off form grey & Painted
John Hindmarsh (SA) University Carpark, Adelaide $394,586 Off form grey & Painted
Built Environs (SA) Bankers Trust facility $554,320 Off form grey & Painted
Gandel Group/Probuild Const. (VIC) Northland shopping centre, Stage 11a $134,730 Acid washed & off form
Hansen Yucken (SA) Hindmarsh Stadium, Stage 1 $1,394,400 Off form & sand blasted
Westfield Design & Const. (NSW) Liverpool Cinema Complex $435,415 Off form grey & Painted
Transfield - Kumagai (WA) Tunnel Invert units, Port Hedland $452,130 Off form grey
Great State Building Company (SA) Fauldings Corporate Headquarters $701,640 Polished
Merkon Constructions (VIC) Chapel St. Shops, South Yarra $63,502 Polished
J.A Dodd (VIC) Geelong Steampacket, waterfront $250,000 Polished & Sandblasterd
Van Driel Ltd (VIC) Albert Park 4 sports buildings $591,000 Acid washed
Construction Engineering (VIC) Werribee Plaza shopping centre $185,000 Acid washed
Construction Engineering (VIC) Niddrie shopping centre $352,000 Off form grey & Painted
Construction Engineering (VIC) Nicholas Kiwi Officeworks $176,000 Off form grey & Painted
Grocon Ltd (VIC) Crown Casino, Melbourne $607,205 Acid washed & Polished
Amacon (NSW) Westmead Children's Hospital $108,000 Polished
Multiplex Constructions (VIC) "The Paramount", 108 Bourke St $736,000 Polished
E&WS Dept. (SA) Tauwitcherie Barrage Beams $181,000 Prestressed
Gandel Group (VIC) Broadmeadows Shopping Centre $1,052,000 Acid washed
Gandel Group (VIC) Northland Shopping Centre $1,523,000 Acid   washed & Polished
Concrete Constructions (VIC) Flagstaff Square $728,000 Off form grey & Painted
Uniscan (SA) Unley Shopping Centre $322,000 Off form grey & Painted
J.P. Cordukes (VIC) Brunswick Library $185,000 Acid washed
Burns Bridge (Aust) (VIC) Altona Civic Centre $213,000 Polished
Multiplex Constructions (VIC) Epworth Hospital Redevelopment $1,718,000 Polished
Multiplex Constructions (NSW) Ibis Hotel, Darling Harbour $890,400 Off form grey & Painted
Gandel Group (VIC) Chadstone Shopping Centre $2,116,000 Acid washed
Concrete Constructions (VIC) Nicholson Gardens $775,000 Off form grey & Painted


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