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SA Precast is run by one Director, Claude Pincin.

The day to day operations are run by a small management team described below.

Managing Director: Claude Pincin
Finance and Administration: Danni Watkinson
Technical and Project Manager: Kate Murphy
Production Manager: Cris Zampierollo
Transport/Purchasing Manager: Brad Watkinson

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Mr Claude Pincin, Managing Director

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Mr Pincin (Dip C.D.) has the overall responsibility to control the operations. In addition he is involved in project management, contract administration and estimating. He is the principal contact point for clients.

During his extensive career in the concreting business, Claude has developed extensive personal relationships with the major participants within the building industry. Claude has had over 38 years experience in the construction industry and has specialised in the precast concrete area. Prior to joining SA Precast he was Director & Manager - Precast Operations for Beton Industries Ltd, maintaining this position from prior to Beton’s purchase of the Pioneer Concrete Contracting division.

Overall he has been responsible for all precast production at the Days Road factory for 11 years, following 6 years as General Supervisor at the at plant. This has lead to extensive experience in production techniques, factory and worker management, as well as specialised knowledge in architectural, polished, acid washed, sandblasted, structural grey and prestressed concrete

His experience includes having supplied panels to one of the biggest and highest profile jobs in Australia - the new Parliament House. Claude’s position in the industry is also illustrated by being called as an expert witness in the Supreme Court case involving polished precast concrete


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                                    SA Precast has current Australian Workplace Agreement covering employees in both South Australia and Victoria.

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