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SA Precast owns a 1.5 hectare yard located at 72 Days Road, Croydon Park in Adelaide, South Australia. The land was originally owned by Pioneer Contracting Division and more recently by Beton Industries Ltd.

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This property houses our primary manufacturing plant, which comprises of two portal cranes (one 16 tonne capacity and one 10 tonne capacity), stressing beds, steam curing facilities, and mould bases. Concrete is batched in our premix plant and taken to the moulds in one of three transit trucks. This plant is capable of servicing transit trucks with grey concrete or more sophisticated blends of coloured concretes and granite mixes.

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In addition the Company leases manufacturing space from Regency Builders Hardware. This additional space is used for the storage of aggregates, the batching plant and some undercover manufacturing area which is serviced by a further 2 gantry cranes.

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